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About Magic Willows-

Magic Willows Alpacas is an almost 14 acre farm located about 2 miles north of Hartford, WI just east of Hwy 83. We raise Suri alpacas for their fine, ultrasoft fiber which is used to make a variety of products from yarns and knitted items to stuffed animals and very durable rugs. Currently, we have 36 Suri alpacas, 5 Huacaya alpacas and 1 llama who keeps everybody in line.

We operate a Farm Store here at Magic Willows selling alpaca products as well as farm related gifts and decor. We also sell honey and handmade goat milk soaps and lotions, chicken and duck eggs and whole roasting chickens. We have fresh turkeys available for your Thanksgiving dinner as well. We have some hand painted ornaments on some of our duck eggs. Thank you to Bev for the beautiful paintings.

Our Farm Store is located in our new pole barn. We frequently add new items including farm related gifts, recipe cards, alpaca jewelry, handmade knitting accessories and more natural fiber yarns from other local farms.


We recently began a collaboration with Indie dyers, Holly and Erin, of StitchStuff Yarns. They are dying their own natural yarns (primarily wool and mohair) and have begun dyeing some of our yarns as well. Such pretty colors! We have their yarns in our store (fingering to bulky weights as well as sock yarn and a few kits).

Magic Willows' Smart Suri yarn dyed by Stitch Stuff Yarns

Stitch Stuff Yarns

Come on in to our Farms Store and check it out!

Alpaca/ Llama Shearing Services- We offer shearing services to small farms primarily in Wisconsin (the eastern side). We limit our shearing to farms with less than 15 animals. Shearing season usually starts in at the end of April and extends through the middle of June. We shear for maximum harvest so producers can make the most from their fiber.

In addition to shearing the fiber from the animals, we also can grade and sort all types of natural fibers through the Sort- Grade- Class system. We then provide information on possible uses for each grade of fiber and outlets for processing.

Alpaca sales are a very limited part of our farm business as our herd is getting older. We do provide information on what it takes to raise alpacas and support any farms new to the business. For those interested in raising alpacas but aren't sure which area they'd like to focus on (pets, fiber, breeding stock, etc.), we will provide as much assistance as we can.

Farm Tours/ Field Trips for individuals, families and groups are also a big part of Magic Willows Alpacas. For groups like Girl and Boy Scouts, 4H or school groups, we provide lots of information on raising alpacas and llamas, allow participants to take our llama or one of the alpacas through an obstacle course and provide a fiber related project if desired. We ask for a $6 donation/ child for materials. We do not charge for tours for family groups as we don't generallly do the obstacle course or projects but donations are appreciated. We can schedule field trips now. Contact Becky if you'd like more information or to set up a date.


The Latest News-

Two of the 3 girls we bred in the Fall of 2019 had their crias in September 2020. Two handsome boys, Prine (left) born on 9-20-20 and Kane (right) born on 9-22-2020. They will be a year old in time for our Open House. They are learning to walk on leads and are becoming very sociable with all our visitors.


Our peacock flock as grown this year as well. Louise hatched 4 chicks in July up in the loft in our old barn and her sister Thelma hatched 1 chick a week later. We did sell 3 earlier in the summer so now we are at 2 peacocks, 6 peahens, and 5 peachicks roaming the farm.

Our border collie puppy, Penny, turned 7ears old in February. She continues to learn how to herd the critters on the farm. She has learned to not chase the chickens, ducks and the turkeys but will gather them up when it's time to go to the coop at night. She's has also helped round up our boys when they made a break for the marsh- not sure who left their gate open (?). She's good at the rounding up part, not not so good at moving them back into their own pastures.

Enjoy pasture raised roasting chickens? We have more in the freezer that were butchered the end of July and another batch being done in September. They are vacuum packed before being frozen. Whole chickens only available.

We have added to our chicken and Runner duck flocks and both are laying lots of eggs. We recently acquired 7 additional duckings- Blue Swedish and Calougas.

We'll be ordering turkey chicks again this year. They are also raised on pasture. We will have them processed for Thanksgiving. We may be dealing with a different processor so they may have to be processed by November 13th. We'll still have a pick up date right after they have been processed but you may have to freeze them yourself. Place your order as soon as possible! We'll be getting 23 chicks this year. Last year, they dressed out from 16 to 29 pounds. About 1/2 are currently spoken for already so if you're is interested in a turkey for Thanksgiving, contact us soon so we can reserve one for you.



 Our Buns-


We added 2 bunnies in 2018- a white English Angoras named Emma and a German Angora named Rupert. They are raised for thier fiber as well. They get "haircuts" every 3 months and when I have enough, I will have yarn made from them as well.



                          Rupert                                                 Emma

Our barn cat, Sylvia is still on the job, hunting down the mice and rats living in and around the barn. She's very sweet and loves to have her belly scratched every morning as well as doing her morning yoga on the railing of the deck.


If you’re counting, that’s 41 alpacas, 1 llama, 2 Angora bunnies, 70+ chickens, 29+ ducks, 8 peahens, 3 peacocks, 1 barn cat, 3 indoor cats and 1 dog. (At least I think that's all) See the Farm Photos section of our website





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Saturdays-10:00am to 5:00pm* See below for special holiday hours.

Sundays- By Appointment

Look here or on our Facebook page for updates.



Wisconsin Alpaca & Fber Fest/ Great Midwest Alpaca Show- Cancelled for 2022.


Shearing Season starts May 1st. Our Farm Store will be open By Appointment Only from May 1 through June 12. Regular hours resume June 15th.

Shearing Weekend-

April 29, 30 and May 1

9:00 to 5 or 6:00.

National Alpaca Farm Days Open House and Fall Harvest Festival Farm Tour- 10-5:00. More info to follow.














Becky and Tom McMillan

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Hartford WI


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